When I am thinking about what to do next in life

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I have been thinking about different moves in life.

According to my experience, there is no right, no wrong per se.

There is daring.

Daring, taking risks.

There are so many consequences coming out of one action that our brains can’t even comprehend the vastness of changes that come with it. All those changes can be subjectively right and wrong simultaneously. (I’m not talking about the moralistic right/wrong but the “rationalised” criteria of one’s benefits as a result of acting in a certain way)

So, no right.

No wrong.


Here should be careful though

as there is a danger of entering into Relativism.

Nothing is absolute, everything exist in relation to culture, historical context, etc.

that is true

But when considering if you should act on something

you better not think about if it is going to be right or wrong (in regards to the consequence for oneself)

but rather

if you dare to do it.



make mistakes


change the strategy

try again


While doing all of it, don’t disregard your values and priorities.

In some time

re-evaluate your priorities

and values, dah


Maybe something has changed

Maybe you should try to dare in a different sphere now

Maybe that would be the right thing to do :)


The line of thoughts I am having when considering if doing/not doing something is the right thing to do or not :)

By the way, it has been almost 12 months since I last posted in here. Lots of things have changed. Oh, oh, life! There are so many ways how you can surprise me. And for everything I am grateful xxx

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