Learn Russian step by step with June


Learn the language like you are living there
Learning with June! My immersive method teaches without translation. Word and picture associations build your conversational ability step by step until you achieve fluency. Start your journey today….

  1. Getting started
    (The first 50 hours)
    Learn the basic greetings, questions and phrases you need to get around, introduce yourself and to start simple exchanges. The building blocks of immersive learning.
  2. Finding your feet
    (Hours 51-100)
    It’s time to explore. Getting out and about, asking for and understanding directions, eating out and finding things to do. Now you can really start to enjoy what’s going on around you.
  3. Starting to converse
    (Hours 101-150)
    You’re beginning to feel happy expressing feelings and opinions in your new language. You learn to talk about everyday life, your work and interests. You’re having your first basic conversations.
  4.  Get organised and solve problems (Hours 151-200)
    Settling in involves administration and you need to be able to get things organised on your own. Learn how to make appointments, communicate with service providers and express expectations.
  5. Achieve Fluency (Hours 201-250)
    It’s great when you can socialise in your new language! Finally you’ve refined your conversational abilities and can express yourself on more complex topics. You’re thinking, feeling and laughing in your new language: you’re fluent!
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